What's a Cluster?


Tuesday, 5/22/12

Guest Blogger:  Kirsten



10:00 AMRAP

5 Clusters (95/65)

200m Run

Many of you walked in and immediately asked “what’s a cluster?!” Well as you all found out, it’s a combination of a clean and a thruster. As if thrusters didn’t suck enough, we add a clean to it?!?! The most efficient and proper way to move through this was to catch your clean and the bottom of your squat, so you could immediately thruster that weight up. If you caught your clean in the power position, you were actually breaking the movement up into a clean and a thruster, instead of combining it to a cluster.

Great job to the 4:30 pm class who all tackled the cluster for the first time! Katelynn and Mary had a good little competition going to push one another. Stacey also did a phenomenal job and is starting to gain some confidence that the weights aren’t so scary!

And I absolutely must give a shout out to Gregg. His gymnastic skills are beyond inspiring, but his endurance has been holding him back. Some of us have been giving him suggestions to scale back the weights and rest a little less during the wods. This way he is moving faster instead of taking a lot of time between movements with the heavier weights. And let me tell ya, Gregg was moving through this wod!  He definitely pushed himself with the clusters and the runs and I think he might be convinced that his endurance is coming back! Smile


What's a Cluster?