Thursday, 6/7/12:


  • 21-15-9
  • Burpees
  • KB Swings (53/35)


Imagine with me for a second that if I gave you a choice of only one exercise to do for the rest of your life, what would you pick?  My guess is a few of you might pick the Burpee especially if you are really good at it, but most wouldn't.  Why?  Do they stink that bad?  As much as they stink, did you know that the burpee has been called the greatest bodyweight exercise of all time before? When done right, the burpee is also a full body workout. Better yet, you need no equipment whatsoever.  Hmmmm.....See where I'm going with this?  This is a great exercise that you can do at home, on vacation, while watching tv, or even make things fun somewhere in public like at your kids sports game or while you are at the park.  Tongue out

I could make some guesses after looking at some of the crazy fast times on the board yesterday of who would pick Burpees...... Possibly Pat T who absolutely killed this WOD & took the top time of the day at 3:44!!  He even put a Shout Out to the WOD afterwards on his fb page!  Smile

There is also a rumor that Deb & Kim might be the Burpee Queens!!!  I had to laugh & post the picture for you to see that shows just how fast they were moving during their Burpees that the shot was super blurry!  Now that's movin'!


Two more honorable mentions......Before we even started the wod, Jen let me know just how much she disliked burpees & then continued to let me know thru her sets just how much she disliked them.  However, she did great, got thru all of them fairly quickly, & used the RX Kettlebell (35lbs) for the first time!  Jeremy B didn't share his like or dislike for them but did them very well & used the 70lb kettlebell & finished in 4:14!

Way to GO!!!  Laughing

IMG_3976-w480-h250 IMG_3975-w480-h250

After the WOD you were treated to a Cash Out of 20 Thrusters (45/33).

A few tips: 1 Breath-1 Entire Movement. Inhale on the way down & exhale at the top of the press.   After full lockout is reached at the top of the press, do not lower the bar to the racked position & then drop into the front squat.  From the overhead lockout, immediately drop into the squat, so that the bar reaches your shoulders at the same time as the squat reaches its lowest depth.

Relax your grip during the squat.  Try to snap the wrists forward & up at the top of the press, & then snap them back immediately to start the descent.  Really try to keep your weight firmly on the heels & off the toes as you perform the front squat.  Pushing your knees out is also key, as is keeping your elbows up.  If you need to rest, rest with the bar in the racked position.  Hope those help!

Kudos to Holly for doing some great Thrusters & of course wearing a super cool Team Jeremy shirt!  Wink